Sunday, 17 July 2011

Douche Bag Message of the Day: Cheating Bastard

This is the message I got today...friggin' loser.
I know I'm married and all but damn I wish. I looooove teachers. Theyre so bad!
Here is his profile.
Well what to say. I'm married. Glad that's out of the way. I'm on here because my life is wonderful. Honestly it really is! I want to meet new people to just go for drives with listening to a good newly minted cd or to just go out and sit at timmies and yap about nothing important over a coffee. I'm happily married but due to work I want friends away from my co workers. I also am not a bar star so I don't meet anyone anymore. I don't want people I know to know I'm here so if I like you and think we will meet in person only then will I send a picture. I also don't want my wife knowing im on here because if we get along I may agree to have a playful relationship on top of hanging out. Don't's can be happily married and still play!

I don't usually respond to these losers but today I was annoyed so here is my response to this asshole:

I think men like you are disgusting.  I would rather die than spend even one minute with you.  You should be thankful for your lovely wife...I am sure you don't deserve her.

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