Sunday, 24 July 2011

Guy #5: The Big Bang Theory (Thomas)

Last Tuesday I met up with the fifth guy I have dated.  I was really looking forward to this date.  This guy was really quite cute and leading up to the date we exchanged several well writting, charming emails.  I actually felt a good connection with this self-proclaimed geek.  The fact that he described him self as  a bit of a geek was actually a selling point for me.  I kinda like that geeky vibe.  I like that guy who was kind of geeky as a kid but eventually came into his own around university. 

We met up at the Shoe Shop...where I also met up with Victor and Pat...seems to be a go to choice for blind daters apparently.  When I arrived he was there waiting on a table he scored on the patio.  I went over and gave him a hug and sat down.  He looked exactly as he did in his profile so that pleased me.  What I was not prepared for was the weird speech impediment/accent.  It totally threw me off.  I actually had a difficult time understanding him at times.  I can't even mimic it or explain what it was wasn't a was like his mouth was extra spitty and he dragged out his words...kind of like a valley girl...but not.

He was also not just a touch nerdy...he was extremely nerdy.  I'm talking comic books, wrestling, video games, action figures, zombies, computer programmer, Star Wars, Transformers....think Big Bang Theory.  I am sure he and Sheldon would be great friends!

The bottom line is this guy was nice but there was zero attraction.  It really was a shame because probably more than all of my other dates I was looking most forward to this one.  I must not have done it for him either because I haven't heard a thing from him either.  This makes life easier:)

Oh yeah...he was also a 31 year old with Optimus Prime and Spiderman  posters adorning the walls of his apartment(or so he told me).

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