Wednesday, 6 July 2011

For real, this is your profile? (Jay-BizZy fo' ShizzY)

I am not out searching for strange profiles, however if you message me then you are fair game.  I got a message, it was fairly normal...not anything overly ambitious...just something like "Hey, how are you today?".  I clicked on the profile to see who was writing me.  This is what I found.

Same sh*tdifferent day just riding through the city looking prettiest as usual
It's the same old thang got the name on the chain just to let them know who's who
And they know I've over here so they come and find me right after they lose you
For you playas in the way we can let the guns say "excuse you"
At the end of the day we just trying find our way and I might be a come up
And baby you hitch a ride but you gotta know how to do more than how to keep a thump up
It's so incredible that it ain't edible but they know the cake's real
Yo I couldn't even say ask these other silicon playas how being fake feel

Sorry Mr. Rapper.  I am not blown away by your lyrical genious.

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