Tuesday, 5 July 2011

July 4, 2011 Second Date with the "Love Doctor"(Mo)

My second date with the "Love Doctor" consisted of a lot of heavy breathing, panting, and perspiring.  That's right it finally happened...

I got my ass up and moving for the first time in probably a year and went for a run.  It was slightly pathetic but could have gone worse.  I play a lot of sports but that is different.  In sports normally when you run it is just a short burst and then you have a few moments to recover.  Yesterday I made it one loop around the commons (about 1.5km) without stopping.  We walked the second loop and then detoured up Citadel Hill.  I ran about halfway around the citadel and back down and half way around the commons again before having to stop.  I felt a little bad because I know the doctor probably could have easily done the whole thing without stopping.  Oh well.  I suck.

The good news is I am pretty sure he still found me attractive  while wheezing, sweating and make-up less. 

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