Sunday, 3 July 2011

Guy #4 "The Love Doctor" (Mo)

So I was at it again.  Back putting myself in potentially dangerous situations with random guys on the internet (although I do always let a friend know where I am going and get a "mid-date safety check-in" text and a "got home safe" end of the night text).  After spending the day with friends at Multifest and stuffing my face with delicious foods from around the world I got home and saw that I had some dating related messages in my inbox.  So at 11 o'clock pm I ran off to the Shoe Shop (also where I spent my second date with Victor) to meet Mo, a 32 year old surgeon. 

Okay once again this is not my date.  Nor does he look like this. 
 I just figured as far as "love doctors" go Travis Stork fits the bill.

I got there and ordered a beer.  He ordered a Pepsi...he doesn't drink...certainly refreshing after my last date with the "Postman".  He was really sweet and charming and the conversation was never lacking and seemed quite natural for a first date.  After a little while we decided to go for a walk down by the waterfront.  We stopped and sat on a bench.  This is of course where he switches from sweet Mr. Doctor-man to the ever suave Love Doctor.  He kissed me.  It was nice.  Then he kissed me some more.  Then because it was late and dark and noone was around he decided that it would be okay to totally feel me up.  I wasn't opposed to a little of this but it got a little carried away when he asked me to go back to his place on the first date.  There was a time in my more wilder, stupider days when this may have been a possibilty.  However these days it just ain't happenin'.  I am looking for a little more than a one night stand or a booty call.

That all being said he was very respectful and totally backed off.  He was a gentleman and walked me to my car and we went our seperate ways.  I heard from him today and I have decided that I am going to see him again this week at some point.  Most likely we will go for a run around the commons...this should be totally mortifying for me.  Wheezing, sweating, struggling to keep up...all the while trying to play it cool and act like it is all a breeze.  Stay tuned, I'll let you know how it goes.

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