Sunday, 3 July 2011

Guy #3: "Going Postal" (Pat)

I spent part of my Canada Day on a patio sipping on some tasty bevvies.  Sounds perfect right?  Wrong!  I had a date with the guy I like to call the "postman".  His profile was really sweet.  He wasn't bad looking.  Should have been a nice wasn't.  I can't really put my finger on what I didn't like about him but I just didn't.   Maybe it was how my times he mentioned how much he "loved his beer".  Maybe it was the five drinks he had in the middle of the afternoon(in a time span of less than two hours).  Maybe it was the half pint of Guiness he spilled on me and my white leather bag.  Maybe it was the fact that he said on his profile he didn't smoke and then as my car pulled away I watched him light one up.

A few of the best parts of his profile:
Firstly, I love being playfull and kidding around. I am a pretty fun guy, love making people laugh and feel good about themselves, even if it comes at my expense. I am very passionate about life and try to enjoy everyday as if it were my last. I am looking for that, knock me over feeling that you get when you first meet someone...I know its out there and I am patiently waiting for it to happen. I won't settle....why should anyone?
Je suis francais, but you would never know it. I dont have an accent or anything like that, however was taught in French so I am sorry for the

I like to think of myself as being a hopeless romantic despite the curvballs life can throw at you. People say nice guys always finish last, not this one, might get a bump or a bruise from time to time, but I'll never quit, nor will I change....Life is full of surprises, doesnt mean they are all good, but there is always an upside to every situation.
He also sent me a cheesy text with a broken heart emoticon when I said I had plans that evening.

He was a cheeseball.
He had lots of baggage.

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