Friday, 8 July 2011

The Middle Eastern Nicolas Cage

It's easy to post when I don't really like the guy and he ends up being some sort of freak.  What do you say when things are going good?  Blabbing on and on then seems like some sort of a betrayal.  I think I like the least enough to go on a few more dates with him.

Last night we went out for a brief walk and spent some time sitting on Citadel Hill chatting....and making out.  If there is one thing I can say about this guy he is not afraid of his PDA's.  Granted it was getting dark out and there weren't many people around...but still...he is way more comfortable getting it on in public than I am.  I am not sure exactly what he is looking for.  His profile says dating...and he is always talking about how busy he is with his career...but he has still managed to see me a few times this week.  I have a feeling he might just be looking for some action but really he's not getting it here.  Not any serious beyond what I would have done in ninth grade anyway.  I learned that lesson with Victor.

I may just get up the guts to ask him tonight or tomorrow when I see him...but I hate that...what do I say..."Ummm we've been on four dates now, where do you see this headed?"  I mean that is borderline psycho.  However, on the other hand if he is just after a casual sex partner I do not want to be wasting my time...or at the very least I need him to be upfront about it so any decisions I make are fully informed. 

I don't know about this one.  Only time and psychotic questioning will tell.

Oh yeah...he said Nicolas Cage was his favorite actor.  Surely this is not a good sign.

...and supposedly he's been told he looks like a Middle Eastern version of him. 
God help me. 
Why can't I just meet a normal guy in the good 'ol fashioned way?

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