Thursday, 18 August 2011

Online Dating Re-Cap

Haven't had any dates at all this week.  I have been trying out a new site but it seems as though it is slim pickins as far as attractive guys go.  Anyone out there have any advice to offer?  Should I stick with the online dating or shall I try to relax and late nature take its course and hope that eventually I will meet someone in the real world.  Everyone always says when you stop looking that's when you find someone...

Here's a quick re-cap of the winners I have dated so far:
1) Hipster going through a mid-life crisis
2) Committment Phobe Surgeon
3) The Geek with a Speech Impediment
4) Alcholic Postman
5) The Horny Rabbi
6) The Married Police Officer

This doesn't even include the freaks that didn't even make it to a first date...

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