Wednesday, 10 August 2011

That's it, I Quit (for real)!

I have not given up on dating.  I have not given up on men.  I have given up on the horrid dating site that I have been using and all of the freaks, geeks, and sex fiends that have been messaging me.  I have cancelled my account on Plenty O' Freaks and am going to give dating in the real world a try.  This may mean I may have to man up, get some balls and really put myself out there and take some chances.  I may eventually give online dating another shot (maybe even in a couple of weeks), but next time I will use a more reputable site that you have to pay for.  At least that way I know that the guy probably at least has a credit card.

On another note.  I do have a real life non-internet dating date story to tell you about.  It is taking me a while to write it up though...the details are soooo gruesome and horrid I just can't make it concise.  I will likely post it this evening...stay tuned!

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