Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hoping to Get Struck by Cupid's Arrow

I have still not lost hope, although it has been several weeks since I have gone on a date.  The committment phobe doctor has contacted me this week (after about a month after I broke things off with him) saying he missed my smile and hanging out with me.  I am not falling for this.  He is still a committment phobe.  He still probably has a wife in Egypt(I may not have mentioned this suspicion before) and he still probably is cheap and boring.  I may go out for a coffee with him for something to do but he is not getting down my pants or anywhere near my pants for that matter.

I have also begun using another site, but only half heartedly (this site has to do with a certain little fellow who pops his head out around Valentines Day, Ok?).  The pool of user on this site is significantly smaller than the other site I had been using but so far noone has sent me a picture of their genitalia and I have not been approached by any married men.  I have actually just begun talking to a promising young carpenter.  Once/if we reach first date status I will let you know how that goes. 

Also my friends, a darling couple are eagerly trying to set me up with every available guy they know so I have a few prospects there.  I actually have a date scheduled for September 21 with a pharmacist friend of theirs who is coming in town from out of province.  It may be a big fat waste of time and silly to even bother going on a date with someone who lives so far away...but what the hell...I'll give it a shot!

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