Monday, 13 February 2012

Will You Accept this Rose?

I have been hesitant to write this post.  I am getting sick of writing unlucky in love stories but I figure that by not writing I can't make these things not happen so I might as well give it a go.  Hmph.  Fine.

As of the last post I was feeling pretty optimistic about my potential love interests.  I had decided that I was not a cougar and that if a 25 year old showed maturity it shouldn't matter...I certainly dated men in their late 30's who were extremely immature (eh hem...Victor & Des) plus there's that rule, half your age plus fell within that range so I figured I was good to go. 

We all know how this turned out...I should have trusted my gut.

Right now I am feeling that my love glass is at least half empty. The 25 year old; Will, that I felt might be a match ended up being a total creepy, slimeball, douchebag. 

After our first date (dinner, skating, hot chocolate) things got hot and heavy pretty quickly.  I really should have been smarter.  I really should have trusted my instincts.  I really should not have let things go at warp speed.  I think I was blinded by the fact that this younger guy with a hot bod was into me.  We really had nothing in common but he was fun and I was attracted to him so in this dating phase that was enough for me.  We were just dating and normally in that stage of the game I'd be cool with both parties dating other fact I was (and still am).  However, this idiot put things into high gear so quickly I couldn't imagine how he could be seeing anyone else.  It kind of freaked me out how quickly things were moving.  In a case where a female did these types of things she would absolutely be viewed as desperate, needy, or psycho. 

Within one week of dating I had seen this guy Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday (somebody please slap me for being such an idiot).   During this time he had also told his mom about me, booked us concert tickets for a show in April and took me to a huge work function where I met his co-workers, boss and president of the company.  He was also constantly texting me and saying all kinds of flattering things(including how he was looking for a relationship).  A bit much for 6 days of dating, no?    You could see though how I might have perceived that he was looking for something serious.  You could see how I could think that he actually really liked me.  This is why I went along with it all and actually almost let another guy go to the wayside.

It turns out that this idiot is a master manipulator and an arrogant, cocky, man-whore.  I actually think he gets some sort of sick pleasure into making girls fall for him and stringing them along and playing mind games with them.  I didn't ask or expect much of anything from him.  I am a 30ish year old and feel like I am fairly sexually liberated.  We could have both gotten what we were looking for from eachother without manipulation.  Were we committed? No.  Should he have been able to date other people?  Absolutely.  I just don't get why he would go through all the trouble of introducing me to his co-workers and talking to his mom about me and setting up long term plans just to get a little action when he probably could have gotten it anyways by being honest and not setting up false expectations.  Turns out this little freakazoid was using the same moves on a few ladies, such as buying his first dates flowers (all with in the same social circle) and expected noone would be wise to him.  People talk dude.   After spending three consecutive evenings with me I went off to spend some time with some friends and he promptly began to call up the other girl and beg her to come over.  Anyways...I caught wind of this within about an hour of it happening.  I called it off immediately.  I don't have room for some little game playing boy. 

I did have a sick revenge fantasy where instead of calling things off I would wait until hockey on Thurday evening and have both myself and the other girl show up and go up to him innocently with love in our eyes, only to each present him with our dead roses and turn around and walk away.  I actually am over this dip shit.  I know I sound really pissed off but that is mostly for dramatic flair.  Yes he is an idiot, but oh well.  I've dated LOTS of them.  Just glad to have not wasted more than a week with this guy.  Time to move on to bigger and better things.  Things not rockin' shredded jeans and Hollister t-shirts in every shade of the rainbow.

I still have hope for shy, introverted, Shaun.


  1. Personally, I freak out over that type of commitment so early from any one and any type of relationship... even a friend!
    Good luck with Shaun!!!

  2. I know normally that type of behaviour would have sent me running. I don't really know what happened in this case...I plead temporary insanity.