Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Horrific Dates in Histoy~ Dann-o

A long while back in about 2006 I went on a date with Dann-o.  At that time I was living in my hometown and Dann-o was from  the next town over but was living in Halifax.  He was a physiotherapist and one of my co-workers knew his older sisters (and said he came from a lovely family) so I thought I might be in luck. 
My first clue into the fact that something was off with this dude was that when we were making our date plans he said he was working nights, so we had to wait and plan around that....What kind of physiotherapist works the back shift?  Anyhoo we went ahead and made a plan.  Since we kinda knew some mutual people and I was living in a much smaller, safer town I allowed him to pick me up at my house. 

When he arrived, wearing the ugliest, most out-dated carpenter style jeans, I asked what he wanted to do.  I suggested we go grab a bite or a drink or something at the pub down the street.  He said he was actually kind of broke and was hoping we could just hang out at my place.  What kind of guy asks a girl out and can't even afford to buy himself a drink or two?  Totally unprepared for this and feeling too guilty to send him packing I say sure we can stay at my place.  We sit on the couch and turn on the tube and do a little chatting.  There is zero connection.  I am feeling awkward and uncomfortable.  I think it is fairly obvious.  He proceeds to tell me that he has no money because he is working at a call center and is living in a boarding house.  Facts he definately neglected to tell me during the get to know you portion of our online encounter.  He definately pulled the old bait and switch on me.

Then out of nowhere, with me sitting as far away as possible from him he goes in for the kiss.  I turn my cheek and tell him I am not interested and don't think there is a connection.  He proceeds to try to convince me to kiss me and tells me that I can't be sure that there is no connection unless we kiss and that sometimes a sexual chemistry can build and you just need to try it to find out.  I politely told him  that I should not need to be convinced to kiss him and that if the chemistry was right then I might kiss him, but I actually prefer to take things a bit slower.  Then he made some crazy stupid analogy where he said as far as how things move, he's a race car and I must be walking.  I walked him right to the door.

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