Wednesday, 8 February 2012

This Week's Dates Leave Me with One Question: Am I a Cougar?

Guys #11 and 12

This week I was going to break my own record for most dates in a week until strep throat happened.  That being said it is only Wednesday and I have already had two dates and cancelled the one I had scheduled for yesterday.  I am a little annoyed.  I went to the doctor on Saturday and said that I thought I had strep throat.  He said I didn't.  After suffering through two dates and two days of working feeling like I was swallowing razor blades and like my throat was swelling shut, I decided to go back to the doctor.  Surprise, surprise this doctor told me I did indeed have strep throat.  Anyhoo now armed with 40 pills to take I am beginning to feel almost instantly better.  I still took the day off work as to not infect anyone(although I probably already did over the past two days).

Anyhoo back to the date-a-thon mission that I've been on. 

On Sunday I went out with Shaun.  Shaun is 5'11".  Shaun is 33.  Shaun is a carpenter.  Shaun is a blogger.  Shaun is cute.  We went for coffee and I really enjoyed his company.  He is a bit introverted but he opened up to me a bit and I found out that we have an eerie amount of things in common with regard to our family backgrounds and how we grew up etc.  He seems well read and somewhat serious.  I'm interested in seeing if he loosens up a bit and can show a silly/funny side.  The one thing I  like best about him is that he does blue collar type work but is also creative and very intelligent.  I dated a carpenter in the past and well let's just say he drank a lot of beer and was less than intelligent.  Shaun and I both agreed we had an enjoyable time and would like to see eachother again.

On Monday I went out with Will.  Will is 5'10".  Will works at the shipyards.  Will is a guy I met in real life.  Will is cute.  Will is 25 (Rawwwr!  Sound the cougar alarm).  I play in a co-ed recreational sports league and a friend of mine asked me if I was available to help out a team that was short players.  I said sure.  So off I went to help a team of young, athletic looking young men.  I thoought these guys are going to be really great.  I was wrong.  They lost big time.  12-1 in fact.  Guess who scored their one and only goal?  That's right!  This girl right here.  I must have impressed this youngin'.  The next day he added me to Facebook.  I told them I would play for them again if they needed me so I figured this was just a way of getting in touch with me for that.  Anyhoo the guy begins chattin' it up with me and eventually asks me out.  I normally wouldn't be dating someone so much younger than me and I even told him this...but he seemed mature and he is cute so I gave it a shot.  We went for dinner and skating at the Oval (great date spot, I'm tellin' ya) and then ended the night with hot chocolate.  We were getting ready to skate and I could tell he was trying to hide something in his bag...he had flowers for me as well.  Sooo cute.  I don't know if he is just a little gentlemen all the time or if he figured an old Coug like me needed some extra woo-ing but it was a sweet gesture.  Do ya think he is trying too hard? We are seeing eachother again on Saturday.

I was supposed to go out with Jackson yesterday.  Jackson is 37.  Jackson is 6'2".  Jackson is a flight dispatcher at the airport.  We have spoken via email and uncharacteristically of most guys these days on the phone.  He seems really sweet but a little bit dorky.  We were originally supposed to go out on Saturday afternoon as well but his work schedule got messed up so we rescheduled for last night.  With the knowledge that I had strep I figured I had better cancel.   He is off work for the next few days so if all goes well I may see him this week.

So that means if I see Shaun again, Will again and Jackson for the first time...I will have had 5 damn dates this week that's a new record.  Now I am getting concerned about liking too many guys when normally I like none.  I already know I like both Shaun and Will.... Ahhhhhhhhhh!

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