Tuesday, 31 January 2012

No Love for January

I am no longer dating Tim from the skate date.  I wasn't 100% sure how I felt about him so when he texted to say things had "petered out" I was kind of relieved.  I don't really know what he meant by petered out.  I am not sure if things ever petered in (?).  I mean I never felt any instant connection and there certainly was no passion to fade out...whatever...don't get it.  Maybe that's all he meant that there was no connection, who knows.  However, In the same text he said that I was really pretty, nice and funny....so I don't know what his problem was exactly.  I mean to me if I found a guy that was handsome, nice, and funny I'd probably hang on to him. 

Oh well...another 5'7er  bites the dust.

On another note I also got approached by a bi-curious female online, not once...but twice by the same girl.  Of all the bizarro things that have happened to me online, this one is actually a first.  Apparently she was wronged by her last BF and is fed up with men and wanted to give girls a go.  Flattered?  Maybe.  Into it?  Not at all.

I am also talking to two, possibly three potentially great guys.  Then again aren't they all?  One of them asked me for a drink or coffee....so once the date happens I'll be sure to post.

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