Sunday, 8 January 2012

AKA Date Girl

Just a little note about this blog.  This is something I do for fun.  It is something I do because I like to write.  It is just another way to express myself and chronicle the ridiculous dates that I have been subjected to as a single girl in this city.  I choose not to write using my real name for reasons that I would think are quite obvious:

a)  I am single and dating in a small city.  A single google search of my name would likely turn up this blog.  In all likelihood noone is going to want to date a girl who could potentially spill all their dirty little secrets on her blog.
b)  Out of respect and privacy for those I have dated I have not included my own name or theirs.  All of the stories I tell are true but I have tried to change or leave out details that would identify anyone.
c)  It's not really the kind of thing you want your boss reading about you.  My mom doesn't really need to know about my leg getting humped either...

I am not ashamed of my dates, the things I have done on them or anything I have written about.  I just want to be asked out again without having my potential victims dates knowing that they could end up on a blog about dating disasters.  If anyone wants to turn this baby into a book then I will gladly out myself to the masses (all 6 of ya!) and take full credit for the hilarity that is my blog and sadly enough my dating life. 

P.S.-As some of you may know I also have another blog where I write quite publicly using my real name, about the rather mundane details of my day to day life.


  1. I'm gonna be checking in here regularly I think - I actually just started a blog of my own with kind of the same perspective, though I think we have very different starting points! But it is always nice to see how other people deal with the challenges of dating life!

    I wish you good luck in your search!
    -plus a subtle link to my blog :)

  2. Hey! Nice to know I am not on this journey alone:) I will be following your adventures as well. Best of luck!