Friday, 25 November 2011

Guy #9~ A Guy, Two Sleds and a Pizza Dilemma (Parker)

On Wednesday I had a seeminly promising date with a seemingly normal (albeit slightly geeky....well maybe fully geeky) guy.  He is really nice, seems to be looking for the same things as me and is about to start a promising career.  Originally our plan was to go out for a drink, but then mother nature gave us something far more exciting to do.  She dumped a giant load of snow on us, so we ventured to a popular local hill for some good old fashioned sledding.  Being one not to shy away from a little adventure I was all for it.  Instead of spending a fair bit of time getting ready I threw on my lulus and winter gear and headed for the hill. 

As far as first dates go it was pretty good.  It was nice to step outside the box and do something a little different.  It was interesting trying to get to know someone while in your most figure flattering snow pants and while huffing and puffing up a giant hill.  After we were done coasting we headed out for hot chocolate.  Despite the fact that I had major racoon eyes from snow getting in my face and my make up running (thanks guy for not telling me, btw!) things went pretty well and we decided to extend the date and go for the drink we had originally planned on as well.  Since then he has been texting me and we made plans to see eachother Sunday.'s the kicker...

I may be reading too much into this...whadda ya think?

Tonight I get some texts to firm up our plans for Sunday.  They go like this-

Guy: So Sunday I work 11-7

Me:  So did you still want to do something?Guy:  I would have comendeered you tonight but I am

Guy:  If you want to do pizza and a movie I'll cover the pizza.

At this point I was a little taken aback and unsure of how to respond.  Here's why:

First- I think it is tacky to bring up money at all.
Second- I am old fashioned.  I mean I don't mind paying sometimes and doing my share....but c'mon buddy this is our second should be wooing me (plus I paid half on our first date).
Third (and perhaps most importantly)- Buddy, you work at a pizza place (and live with your parents).  How generous of you to spring for a free or at least very cheap pizza and then tell me I am going to pay for the movie.

Me:  Confused faced emoticon

Guy:  So pizza and a movie on Sunday??

Me:  Sure...a movie at home or at the theatre?

Guy: Either way

Me: I am going to a movie tonight

Guy:  If I'm in charge of pizza, then  your in charge of the movie so you get to decide.

Guy:  I'll figure out something else

Me:  What do you mean?

Guy:  I was just thinking that you telling me you were going to the movies meant that you didn't want to go again.  So we are back to the drawing board.

Me: No, a movie is good.

Guy:  We could go out for supper or something I just figured you might be tight with money for a bit.

I was shocked.  Is it just me or is this completely out of line to say to someone you have been on one date with?  My financial business is really no concern of his.  I mean on our first date I did mention that work was a bit slow at the moment...but still....frig.  Where is the chivalry?  The good old fashioned gender roles?  The desire to romance a woman and make her feel like you are trying to woo her?  Am I being ridiculous?  Do I sound like a gold-digging, greedy, anti-feminist whore? 

Frig...what's a girl to do?

...and he's not 5'6"!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's actually tall:)

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