Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Guy #7~ Ian "The Over Accessorized"

Back in like July I started talking to this guy.  He seemed really artsy and didn't think my love of vintage, thrifted things was too weird.  He had a good job and seemed reasonably intelligent.  Then he disappeared.  In October-ish (yeah I am a little behind in posting) he all of a sudden resurfaced and asked me to go on a date.  He apologized for going missing.  I really didn't care...I mean if you are dating online you kind of expect these things to happen.  So I didn't ask too many questions and just decided to go on the damn date.  We met for coffee and then had dinner.  As it ALWAYS seems to be with these online guys, this guy was 5'6".  He was also extremely over accessorized.  He had on more jewelry and layers then I could ever imagine wearing on one day.  He had a newsboy style hat, glasses, had more than one hole in his ears, had a nose piercing, some beaded and hemp necklaces, some bracelets (one of which had a lot of skulls) and some rings.  SERIOUSLY!  He also had a jacket, a button up shirt, with a tight deep v-necked style shirt underneath...oh baby! He was also rockin' some Chuck T's which I am generally down with, I even have a pair, but this ensemble was just too much.

Anyways...he was a nice enough guy.  Kinda trying too hard...he was trying to prove how artsy was and how is was waaaay cool for being into indie music that I've never heard of.

Oh yeah...and he's 5'6".

He may have also been wearing a scarf.


  1. It is so hard being 6 foot in this town.

  2. I can imagine...I am 5'3 and find it hard.